Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Let It Go

This is my little nephew and niece's favourite song. Sometimes they will just sing out loud. "Let it go! Let it go!" suddenly it rang a bell in me. Yea, these kids are right, we got to let it go! Kids can teach the adults who are usually blinded or numb by our mundane, ruthless world.

Wonder how would a surgeon perform a good job if he keep on thinking of how much can he earn from the operation or worry that their patient couldn't foot the bill. Money is the least thing he should worry and concentrate on getting the operation done successfully.

How would a office worker perform if he/her keep thinking that its past my office hours and I will "lu gi" or "bo hua"(make a loss) if I still continue working and not get paid for the extra hours put in.

How would a nurse perform her duties well if she has to keep thinking that she is working late night shift and earning a miserable pay instead of attending to her patients and making sure that they have the best care.

How would a property agent sit around the Million Dollar round table when he keeps worrying that he is wasting money or not getting his money worth on advertising or wasting time doing door-to-door calls and sales. He got to take the first step to reach out for potential customers. I got a property agent friend who told me he started off by doing door to door sales call and get rejected countless times in order to build up his customer contacts to be what he is today.

Next time, if you got a big assignment or project, if you straight away link it to your big bonus or promotion, probably not a good idea. Try not to think about the rewards first, because they may not come to you even though you did a good job. Instead focus first on getting the project done in time and do it well. Recognisation and rewards will come naturally.

How would your portfolio perform if you keep thinking that you will be losing money if you invest and do not dare to press the 'buy' button. Don't be too scared to lose. In the end, you will not take any action and no action means no result.

Try not to worship Money, it should be your least concern. Important thing is to get your work done properly :)

Next time, maybe try to 'let it go', only then you will perform :)


  1. There is one group people claiming "doing nothing" is considered doing something. When a project work (including investment decision) is deemed too risky this group of people prefer sitting on the fence applying wait-and-see approach. And when nobody "dies" then they will participate. You know .. maximizing the returns; largest margin of safety, etc etc

    This is norm ... unfortunately.

    1. haha to each with its own
      if the strategy works for them

      this is also the same group which will say 'aiya i missed the boat' or 'aiya i should have offload my warchest and bought'

      its natural