Friday, October 31, 2014

Oct 2014 Portfolio

Oh dear I didnt digest ghchua strategy properly. I shouldnt have bought in 1 shot 100 lots of Global Invest in Sep 2014. Instead, I should spread out my risk into multiple stock and nibble at them. I have selected about 25 high dividend, good value stocks. Most of them are small caps because at current STI, you can't find good value blue chips. No worries, I am sure when there's a correction, blue chips will come in cheap and better dividend yield.

This month is the infamous Black October and the start of windows dressing. Stock market will be in the sell mode in preparation for the year end closing. At current market, I will buy at least 1 stock monthly, $5k each. Thus building up my portfolio slowwwwwwly.

Come to think of it, its exciting, I will be buying many high dividend, good valued stocks across the board. To think that I will be owning many assests and businesses, its quite fun actually :)

This month was a roller coaster ride, start of Oct, market was in sell mode and some say market is going to collapse. But on the last day of the month, the market recovered and was almost break even.

Here's my stock bought in Oct 2014:
1. UMS Holdings - good dividend policy, no debt, giving quaterly dividend however PBR is abit high about 1.25. Will try to get those good valued ones below 1 PBR.

2. Asian Pay TV Tr - high dividend with 0.9x PBR

This month I saw many stocks coming down to quite attractive price. But I tahan abit, will buy them at different time.

STI vs my portfolio
STI was -0.3%
my portfolio was -1.32%

At one time my portfolio was -4% largely due to a 18% drop in UMS holdings after I bought it. :( bad timing it seems but who knows? But it had recovered slowly near month end. Could be short covering or people find value in it and start accumulating. My portfolio at month end was -1.32% :)

STI wins this round

I think in the long term my portfolio will be winning consistently. Let's see :)

Total 3 stocks in portfolio