Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Try To Be Yourself

We often hear people say that life is like a movie or serial drama. Many a times we have to wear a mask and be pressured by fellow peers and environment, we are forced to become another person. If not, we are considered outcast or people who does not blend in the group. This is especially so for the youngsters who are conscious of what people think of them or are they nerds or geeks. They are very concern of others perception of them.

Nowadays, I am more immune to this kinda of things. If I am not happy, I will just find an excuse politely and walk away. That makes me happier than when I was much younger. However, not very true. In workplace, no choice, when I need to entertain or attend a official event, I still need to wear my mask and look friendly.

Guess my happy hours are not in any pubs or drinking session but in my home with my family where I can do whatever I want, be it staring at my TV or playing with my pet fish or children.

I particularly like this song 'Try' by Colbie Caillat and find that its very meaningful. Even the MTV casts are not any super models or pretty lass. They are just plain Jane who wore no makeup or wigs.

This song is about being yourself, no need to change yourself or try to act like another person or pretend to be somebody so that other people will like us or accept us.

Every day when we wakeup, when we look at the mirror. We should like what we see. We should like ourselves.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Oct 2015 Portfolio

This month I witnessed the amazing V-shaped recovery of the SGX stock market. In Sep 2015, it went down down to a low trench of -9.34% and this month, Oct 2015, it suddenly went up with a almost triple times recovery of -3.30%. This definitely caught the pants off for those short sellers and could be a result of short recovering. The reason for this V shaped recovery is more likely due to Fed postponing of rate hike and China implementing more measures to help prop up their stock market.

By the way, this month marked my portfolio one year anniversary! Time flies, its one year already but was glad I embarked on this journey towards financial freedom. Onward !

This month I added M1 into my portfolio.
Added more M1 into my portfolio because there was weakness in telco stocks due to the arrival of the 4th telco company my republic. Telco stocks are defensive and dividend stocks which I believe will ride out all economic cycles. So I took this chance to add in.

STI vs my portfolio

My portfolio is still hovering in the negative region :( but good news is that I beat STI at least a consolation prize :)

PeriodSTIMy Portfolio (Realised)Verdict
Jan 20152.71%3.21% I win
Feb 20152.41%2.16% I lose
Mar 20153.31%0.62% I lose
Apr 20156.02%4.18% I lose
May 20153.31%3.84% I win
Jun 20150.90%1.14% I win
Jul 2015-2.41%-3.83% I lose
Aug 2015-10.54%-9.07% I win
Sep 2015-14.16%-9.34% I win
Oct 2015-8.43%-4.48% I win

Total 19 stocks in portfolio

This month I received dividends from Global Invest and UMS.

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