Sunday, January 14, 2018

2017 Trading Review

Flashback to 2016, it was only Oct 2016 that I found some holding ground on my trading methodology. Before that, my P/L chart looks like the USS 'The Mummy' roller coaster ride. I was very lucky that using the same method I am able to generate a very positive full year result for 2017. If you checkout out my P/L chart above, it was shooting up like a rocket with some dent along the way when I chalked up some losses as Mr Market gave me his grime reminder that I should not be cocky. Well, this should not discourage me as I should still stick to my trading plan and execute my orders. I am proud to say that I have reached a major milestone of $100,000 trading account in Dec 2017. As my trading account continue to grow, I will be increasing my position sizing along the way.

The full year result for 2017 is a good return of 39.94% :)

Moving forward I am sure I can get a better result in 2018. Stay in touch!

Period$ Profit/Loss% profit/lossCapitalVerdict
Jan 2017$1,355.389.04%$15,000
Feb 2017-$63.27-0.0042%$15,000
Mar 2017$1,106.277.78%$15,000
Apr 2017$2,021.5510.11%$20,000
May 2017$2,420.838.07%$30,000
Jun 2017$5,562.4818.6%$30,000
Jul 2017-$51.02-0.0017%$30,000
Aug 2017$2,271.375.68%$40,000
Sep 2017$5,189.5013%$40,000
Oct 2017$3,033.974.33%$70,000
Nov 2017$1,378.452.0%$70,000
Dec 2017$3,374.184.8%$70,000


  1. Jimmy,

    So you're the one stealing my lunch on the opposite side of my trades!


    You're the man! Have a super 2018 and I must do my best to avoid you ;)