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  1. Can I ask on what basis do you construct the portfolio? You selected almost all stocks I have considered but did not choose. Must be very fun if we talk! :)

    1. i keep adding those high dividend stocks some low PE some blue chips to my portfolio. basically i try to buy many diff stocks. my first target is 30 stocks. i dont go into deep analysis LOL scary right? haha

  2. hi,
    i see that your strategy and portfolio is quite similar to mine.
    i am down -24% due to high exposure to the o&g sector. trying to ride out this wave by building up on other sectors.

    just curious, i saw from your other tab, that you have a divd chart. but starting from 2014? is that when you started? thats impressive.
    also, your 2015 yield. whats the difference betwn yearly yield and CD yield?