Saturday, January 6, 2018

Dec 2017 Trading

Sad to say that Dec 2017 was not the most wonderful time of the year. There wasnt any Santa Rally in 2017 instead Santa kinda woke up late and brought joy to all on New Year's Day on 02/01/2018. Well for a moment I thought that Dec was going to be my best trading month of the year 2017. But it didnt. Its still ok as I still got a sizable profit. Looking forward to 2018 I think its still going to be a good month too. We shall see.

Period$ Profit/Loss% profit/lossCapitalVerdict
Jan 2017$1,355.389.04%$15,000
Feb 2017-$63.27-0.0042%$15,000
Mar 2017$1,106.277.78%$15,000
Apr 2017$2,021.5510.11%$20,000
May 2017$2,420.838.07%$30,000
Jun 2017$5,562.4818.6%$30,000
Jul 2017-$51.02-0.0017%$30,000
Aug 2017$2,271.375.68%$40,000
Sep 2017$5,189.5013%$40,000
Oct 2017$3,033.974.33%$70,000
Nov 2017$1,378.452.0%$70,000
Dec 2017$3,374.184.8%$70,000


  1. Jimmy,

    You had a great trading year! Only 2 losing month? Impressive!

    What you trading?

    Futures? CFDs? Or stocks directly?

    1. yea things are looking good.
      2018 seems like a great year for stocks too
      i am trading futures mostly