Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nov 2014 Portfolio

After US Fed announced the end of QE, which is to print money to help the US economy afloat, BOJ Japan and Europe announced that they are starting their QE. Looks like they tied up and are taking turns to perform the QE role. This is considered good news for the Asian market as they are all lifted after the news. Apparently when US Fed ended their QE, it means that the US economy is recovering with better job employment, etc. This should be good news for all. Looks like STI will be going up, at least its what I think :) But disappointed because I cannot collect more stocks at cheaper price :( but at least I collected some last month :)

This month looks like a V shaped recovery. BOJ is planning to QE their economy and looks like good news for Japanese stocks. If we have seen what US QE had done to the US stock and economy, would like to consider buying some Japanese related shares too to benefit from it too.

This month I added Lee Metal into my portfolio.
This company has high dividend yield, low PE 3.96, PBR 1.0, high ROE and also a high debt :(
It could be the current low interest rate environment that they are using leverage to expand their business. Hope they can manage their debt well. Overall, Lee Metal seems ok, consistently paying dividends like a blue chip but just a little worried about the high debt. Well anyway, very difficult to cherry pick and bang on the 'best' one. I will just move along and collect other stocks :)

I bought Creative long ago in 2007. But still collecting dividends up to today. So I might as well track it here since it made up a small part of my yearly dividends.

STI vs my portfolio
PeriodSTIMy portfolioVerdict
Oct 2014-0.3%-1.32%STI wins
Nov 20142.11%1.95%STI wins

Total 5 stocks in portfolio