Tuesday, March 10, 2020

What Are You Waiting For?

And so our market and along with all major global stock market took a deep dive of -4.25% in STI on this faithful day 09/03/2020 Monday due to COVID19 virus and oil price crash. This kind of black swan event doesnt come everyday. I doesnt feel the pain during SARS 2003 and Lehman Bro 2008 as at that time I wasnt heavily invested. But this time round, I can feel the pinch as I see the huge paper loss that happened in just one day. But yesterday also got me excited as I see many good buys which you doesnt see it in your everyday life. Bank stocks and blue chips started to appear in the 5% to 6% dividend yield. REITs were even better as they are in the 7% to 8% range.

Investors always say that they are waiting for that opportunity to buy cheap when the price is low or when there's a bear market. But when the opportunity comes they froze in fear and didnt take action to buy. Instead they do the opposite by selling their remaining stocks at a loss.

I wrote this article to remind myself to be sure to take up this once in a few lifetime opportunity to gather up as many good dividend stocks as I can using my limited funds and CPFIS. Since Feb 2020 I was already doing some nibbling as there were some mini crashes and I am left with some 50% of my funds. I am willing to go into CPFIS when I depleted my cash funds. But this crash looks like a long haul which will last for months just like during SARS which last about 6 months.

If you need some motivation maybe you can get it from the late Uncle Chua. At that time there wasnt any internet so Uncle Chua track his stocks price via newspaper. And so when is the time to buy? Uncle Chua said that when you can see those news headline that stock markets had crashed and thats the time to buy :)

If you are wondering whether should you buy now or buy later when the price gets lower. Maybe you can find your answer here in one of my older article.