Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Try To Be Yourself

We often hear people say that life is like a movie or serial drama. Many a times we have to wear a mask and be pressured by fellow peers and environment, we are forced to become another person. If not, we are considered outcast or people who does not blend in the group. This is especially so for the youngsters who are conscious of what people think of them or are they nerds or geeks. They are very concern of others perception of them.

Nowadays, I am more immune to this kinda of things. If I am not happy, I will just find an excuse politely and walk away. That makes me happier than when I was much younger. However, not very true. In workplace, no choice, when I need to entertain or attend a official event, I still need to wear my mask and look friendly.

Guess my happy hours are not in any pubs or drinking session but in my home with my family where I can do whatever I want, be it staring at my TV or playing with my pet fish or children.

I particularly like this song 'Try' by Colbie Caillat and find that its very meaningful. Even the MTV casts are not any super models or pretty lass. They are just plain Jane who wore no makeup or wigs.

This song is about being yourself, no need to change yourself or try to act like another person or pretend to be somebody so that other people will like us or accept us.

Every day when we wakeup, when we look at the mirror. We should like what we see. We should like ourselves.


  1. When we don't depend on it for our benefits; we can afford not to wayang or entertain them.

    1. you are free to do and say what you want
      absolute freedom :)

  2. Great post, Jimmy,
    Fits to my definition of success: The Freedom to be Myself.

  3. thats why you 2 become couple :)

    its so sad that my work place most of them have hidden agenda and doesnt speak from their hearts. maybe we are just colleagues and cannot say things so directly.
    luckily i got a handful of 'closer' colleagues but colleagues are still colleagues, there are some things which cannot be mentioned or spoken :(

    only 1 colleague also rigged havoc?
    imagine in a department with 80 people haha :)

  4. Like!

    Be Yourself or find Your true self is one important reason why I started blogging!