Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Are We A Bunch of Losers?

Below are some of the loser's thoughts.
Are you a long term investor now because you lost money in trading?

Are you a trader now because you sucks at investing?

Are you spending too much time on investing or trading now because your career has no future or you are blacklisted by your boss at work?

Are your portfolio bleeding now? Staggering massive paper loss and it gets worst everyday?

Below are the winner's thoughts.
You switched to investing because you found out that trading is not your cup of tea. You couldn't sleep well, thinking of the forex position which is open 24/7 per day except weekends and Public Holidays. Glad you are out of trading :)

You are a trader now because they found that investing doesn't work for you. There's no kick, slow and looking at the huge paper loss makes me sick.

You invest to create your investment income in addition to your active income (job). You will retire happy and not worried about your finance.

Its just the usual market correction, up and down, up and down, stock is volatile. Very much expected. In the long run, stock will out perform any other asset class.

Some people are very good at showing off their wealth or goodness in life especially facebook which I find its a 'hao lian' platform where friends will post pictures or write on just how good they are and how enjoyable is their life.

Of course life is not all bad and no good. We don't have to envy or compare with others. They may not appear as what they seem to be.

Its actually a state of your mind.

A good example is a glass half filled with water.
Is it half full? or half empty?

Let's switched your mind to the winner side and be a winner!

Then you will be happier.


  1. Jimmy,

    You got potential for "You can if you think you can" motivational evangelism ;)

    1. u think u can vs really can is quite diff
      its like bluffing yourself but at least get the mindset right first haha

  2. Everything that happens to us is originating from our mind. That's why a 'right' conscious mindset is that essential.
    I believe prosperity is first and foremost a state of mind; a mindset of lack could only manifest negative results. A mindset of abundance will create and attract abundance sooner or later (in investing it is later).

    1. *sing* i believe i can fly... i believe i can touch the sky

      keep believing and setting the right mindset is the first step of every successful stories :)