Friday, July 24, 2015

Auntie Uncle Stock Indicator (Proven Accurate!)

I was sweeping through China Market ETF and China Bank stock to see if there's any high dividend blue chips to buy. Then I remember there was a Weibo article in May 2015 reporting that many cash rich 'Dama' or Chinese aunties who are noob about stocks are opening accounts to buy shares in the stock market to earn big bucks and be instant rich.

See what happens after the strong China stock market rally in May 2015?

This indicator is quite accurate, I seen it before. If local newspaper reported huge number of auntie and uncle buying stocks with cash or retirement fund. BEWARE! Stock market is going to crash!


  1. How about blog uncles and aunties buying stocks?


  2. Blog uncles are old bird
    If they buy follow them buy
    Confirm cheap haha