Thursday, June 18, 2015

High Dividend REIT Stocks

This is a list of high dividend REITs dividend stocks. REITs are particularly attractive to income investors as they usually have a very high dividend policy some as high as 90% or 100% income distribution. However these instruments usually rely on debt to leverage their business and so are sensitively to interest rate changes. Currently, we are in the low interest rate environment so REITs have been having a good run up these years. However, we all know that Fed is not going to keep their rate so low for long. So in future if there is an increase in interest rates, it might not be a good news to REITs. But we will never know how the market will react to it till it actually happens. In meantime stick to your sector diversification strategy or any strategy which works for you.

Those columns highlighted in yellow means that they are ideal:
Price Earning Ratio (PE): less than 15
Price/Book Ratio (PB): less than 1
Dividend yield: more than 6%

*Sometimes, Google Finance and Yahoo Finance maybe refreshing their data and it may be temporary unavailable. Just wait or refresh awhile and the data will come back :)

*Take note that the stock data are derived from Google Finance and Yahoo Finance, may not be so accurate. Do your homework before buying them although some of them may still be giving out dividends but other fundamentals may not be looking good. Beware.

Do feel free to visit this page daily or frequently to keep track of these high dividend SGX stocks. Those stocks could fall to favourable levels and earn you more dividends :)
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  1. Thanks Jimmy, the REITS tracker is exactly something I have been looking for (not good at building my own :(), so I am adding a link on my blog page, thanks so much!

  2. Koppel DC reit can get 13% dividend??

  3. Thanks Jimmy for sharing this chart, Keppel Dc reit 13% yield?? Really...