Monday, June 15, 2015

Gold, Silver, Bronze Medalist Who is the Happiest?

Since Singapore is hosting the 28th SEA Games so have to support it by watching LIVE on our TV and follow some of Singapore's better sports such as swimming, table tennis, water polo, sailing, etc I was quite surprised our bowlers didnt do that well. This year Singapore has a surprised 52 gold lead in attaining the number of gold medals as compared to other SEA countries. As far as I remember Singapore usually do not have so many golds and usually is lead by countries such as Thailand or Indonesia. Anyway at the time of writing this post, Thailand is now leading in the struggle for more golds. Nevertheless, I still think that Singapore has done better as compared to previous SEA games.

Well this reminds me of a story, a colleague told me which I find it very nice to share. She asked me so which of the 3 medalists do you think is the happiest? I straight away replied 'The Gold medalist!' without much thought, pretty obvious isnt it?

'Nope...' she said.

'Then its the Silver medalist!' I said, since 'cannot get fish get prawn also good' right?

'No No... its the bronze medalist' she said and then go about about explaining her answers. Well, the Gold medalist already very cocky and expect that she will get a gold will not be very happy as its expected.

The Silver medalist is the most unhappy because she tried very hard to get the first place but lost out and got a Silver instead.

The Bronze medalist is happiest among the 3 and glad that she is in the 3rd place and got a medal if she got a 4th placing then no medal at all.

So this also applies to us

Try to think like a Bronze medalist and be glad that you managed to get into 3rd placing with whatever you have. Do not think like a Silver medalist as you will always sulk and disappointed because you cannot get a better result.

So how's your portfolio doing? is it attaining Gold, Silver or Bronze standard?


  1. Me pass through the 18 Bronze men so I am surviving. :-)

    1. Eh Uncle CW8888 you from Shao Lin Shi?

    2. his portfolio already passed the 36 chambers, can 'go down the mountain' to revenge against the bad people haha

  2. Jimmy,

    What is the yardstick to determine whether a portfolio is Gold, Silver or Bronze? Size? Profit? Yield? Diversification? Resiliency against Market downturn? or?

    I think mine has no medal, but only a certificate of participation, and I am happy with it. :)

    1. yours is '$$$' medal :))

      basically just try to think like a bronze medalist that you are lucky to be the top 3 and get a medal instead of getting 4th place no medal :(