Friday, February 13, 2015

My Motivation - Fellow SG Financial Bloggers

The journey to financial freedom is a long and lonesome journey. It would be entertaining and enlightening to have some like-minded companions along the way. Just like the movie Lord of the Ring - the fellowship of ring, a party of human, elve, dwarf and hobbits was formed but along the way, Bolomir got lured by the magic ring and was killed by the Orcs. In our world, some people will throw the white flag and surrender or some just want to take a rest and recover before continuing the journey. Its important for us, fellow financial bloggers to interact, encourage and help each other out by sharing useful tips so that we can all complete our journey to financial freedom.

Just want to pay special tribute to some of the SG Financial bloggers that in one way or another motivate me to start my own investment plan and be financial free! It has now been a daily routine for me to read through the blogs with my ipad, lying on my soft bed to give me some investment ideas every night before I sleep. If anyone ask me to recommend a good investment book to start off with, I would encourage them to read your blogs *serious*. Its definitely worth more than anything else because they are written and shared based on real life investment experience and real monetary stock transactions.

These are the 2 blogs which get my engine started: - a full time investor who was a moderator of - a disciple of ghchua

Thanks to the following financial aggregators for adding me into their list and get me exposed to hundreds of readers. At least I know I will not be talking to myself and some real people are reading my blog posts.

These are some of most active and wise bloggers who never fail to entertain me and give me investment ideas :) - a investor living a frugal life - a young daddy with an impressive portfolio - a young man with a good start - a uncle who achieved financial freedom with his cheeky and sometimes very chim posts eg pillow concept, freehold stocks etc - a very detailed and thoughtful investor - a investor named Richard :) - a very detailed and REIT focused investor - a modern dividend farmer - a rich lady investor - our joker and outspoken Jared - a investor - a dog lover cum investor, describe stocks as dogs and puppies ... kidding
and many more others

Please do not be too disappointed if you did not appear in my list as it could be that I haven't stumble upon your website yet. Just drop me a comment and say Hi to get things going.

Just to let you know I am a big fan of Lord of the Ring (LOTR) and Hobbit movies so will use some of the annotation from the movie to describe how you guys motivated me

If I am Frodo Baggins

You are Sam who is ever so loyal to accompany me in my long and treacherous journey towards financial freedom (Mordor)

Please do not be Boromir and try to steal the magic ring from me :)

If I am Bilbo Baggins

You are Gandalf, the grey wizard who is always looking out for me by telling me which stocks have value

If I am Gollum

You are my preciooous magic ring that I can always use it to make me invisible so that I can be safe

If I am Gandalf

You are Galadriel, the beautiful elve queen who always appear in the nick of time, sending giant eagles to save me from danger


  1. Hi, nice to see more and more new financial blog coming into the community.. I am not that seasoned myself ;-)

    BTW, I am running an "interview with peer retail investors" blog series, if you are interested, feel free to email me.


    1. Great! Can you email me at and I will send your the questionnaires ;-)

  2. Jimmy L,

    I am Spiderman if you are....

    Wait! Wrong movie...

    Sorli, sorli!

    1. SMOL : I thought you are bald man! Oops... I means bolt man! lol sori sori lol

    2. if you are spiderman than i am Peter Parker's girlfriend Mary Jane. always appear when i am in trouble with green goblin or lizardman haha

  3. Hi!

    May I add more? :)

    If I'm the Rohirrim, then you're my horse that carries me and make me who I am as a people.

    If I'm a tree, you're the Ents who shelter me, protect me and take care of me.

    If I'm Gimli the dwarf, you're Legolas the elf who is of different blood but nevertheless a brother in arms. No other person would I rely to guard my back in battle but you.

    1. nice rohirrim horseman.. charge!

      gimli and legolas are the best partner always competing and arguing haha

  4. Hi Jimmy,

    "In the Land of Finance where the Shadows lie.
    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them"

    Edited by: The Shadow Aggregator.
    Credit: LOTR.

    Thanks for mentioning my site and introducing some sites that I have not given the rings to.

    You are alone in your financial journey. If you would like to catch the bloggers in person, drop me a note and I can help to link you up.


    1. yea distribute the rings and tempt them all heehee

      its good to meetup with real bloggers once a while :)

  5. Great post there....

    We all needs encouragement.