Saturday, February 28, 2015

Feb 2015 Portfolio

This month, we see oil price recovering and making new high in 2015. Above US$50. Ths stock also follow through with a rally. We see a little rally just before CNY but overall market was quite good after S&P 500 made repeated highs and Japan announced that they are just out of recession.

This month I added my first blue chip SIA Engineering into my portfolio.
SIA Engineering had been sold down recently together with alot of those S companies such as ST Eng, SPH, SATS, Sembcorp Ind, Sembcorp Marine. It forms part of the Straits Time Index (STI). I always wanted to get one of those. Due to its recent poor results, it has fallen from grace. Used to be around $5. This buy I am not so confident because being a blue chip the PE 18 and 3.71 PBR ratio is not so good but it has practically 0 debt and is a branded stock. Based on past dividends I shouuld be getting around 5%. Pretty good for a blue chip huh? :)

This month I also added SPH which is also a consistent long time dividend blue chip stock. SPH has fallen quite alot from its $4.40+ to current $4.10. Just found out that SPH also activated their share buy-back program buying around $4.09 on the same day that I bought mine. This is a show of confident from SPH mgmt that the price is quite low already. So am proud to add it into my portfolio.

Blue chip month for me as I collected my third blue chip dividend stock Sembcorp Ind. It is usually hovering around $5 but have fallen alot due to low oil prices. This is a very diversified business just like Keppel Corp where they deal with energy, water and marine industry with its presence felt almost worldwide. It is also the only blue chip beside Keppel Corp whose PE ratio is below 10. So just added it into my portfolio.

This month is also the month which I bought the most stocks. Just really want to take advantage of the sharp drop in prices to accumulate these quality stocks that have been in my watchlist for a long time. Really glad and proud to welcome them into my portfolio :)

STI vs my portfolio

This month, I lost to STI by just a bit. Maybe better luck next month :)

PeriodSTIMy Portfolio (Realised)Verdict
Jan 20152.71%3.21% I win
Feb 20152.41%2.16% I lose
Total 12 stocks in portfolio

This month I pocket a little dividend from Sabana Reit
Checkout my Dividend history

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