Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Nov 2017 Trading

In Nov, we see the market keep going up and there was nt many chances to go in again once you are out. Overall, its still a positive month but the result kinda of low returns considering such a good run up. Dec would be an interesting as it is usually a good month for stocks.

Period$ Profit/Loss% profit/lossCapitalVerdict
Jan 2017$1,355.389.04%$15,000
Feb 2017-$63.27-0.0042%$15,000
Mar 2017$1,106.277.78%$15,000
Apr 2017$2,021.5510.11%$20,000
May 2017$2,420.838.07%$30,000
Jun 2017$5,562.4818.6%$30,000
Jul 2017-$51.02-0.0017%$30,000
Aug 2017$2,271.375.68%$40,000
Sep 2017$5,189.5013%$40,000
Oct 2017$3,033.974.33%$70,000
Nov 2017$1,378.452.0%$70,000

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