Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Aug 2017 Trading

This month I added another $10k into my trading capital not because I wanted to raise my trading lots. Its more because I need to calm down my nervousness when my trades goes into DD. I get quite nervous when there is a big DD and I always have a feeling that my broker will close my losing position if my margin is exceeded. Well, this additional $10k will make me feel better :)

Period$ Profit/Loss% profit/lossCapitalVerdict
Jan 2017$1,355.389.04%$15,000
Feb 2017-$63.27-0.0042%$15,000
Mar 2017$1,106.277.78%$15,000
Apr 2017$2,021.5510.11%$20,000
May 2017$2,420.838.07%$30,000
Jun 2017$5,562.4818.6%$30,000
Jul 2017-$51.02-0.0017%$30,000
Aug 2017$2,271.375.68%$40,000

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