Saturday, January 14, 2017

2016 Year End Portfolio Review

Its the end of 2016, let's just do a little checkpoint to see how much am I closer to my target :) I started building my portfolio in Oct 2014. So close to 3 years of results.

STI vs my portfolio:
My portfolio already beat STI for many months with the cumulative amount of dividends collected, but if you count only capital gain, I still beat the market.

Portfolio by stocks:
I am currently still in the process of diversifying my portfolio such that they should not exceed more than 5% of my total portfolio. I am always looking out for more high dividend stocks to buy so that I will be more diversified. The recent bear market has allowed me many opportunities to pickup blue chips and mid cap chips with high dividends I have 23 stocks with me now and will be targeting to reach more than 30 of them.

Portfolio by sector:
In the sector diversification, my Capital Markets sector has come down due to my buying up of other sectors. I also bought in quite a number of shares in the Industrial conglomerates which consists of Keppel Corp and Sembcorp Ind, telco companies and REITs, it is now about 11.5%, 18.8% and 12% respectively. I am targeting probably not more than 20% for each sector of the other stocks.

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TargetTargeted Portfolio sizeTargeted Monthly dividendsPeriodYearly CONDividends Reinvested
1st target$85,000$495 2015$30,000$5,900
2nd target$120,000$700 2016$30,000$8,400
3rd target$161,000$920 2017$30,000$11,000
My 3rd target is to invest up to $161,000 and receive monthly dividend up to $920 per month. I think I already met my 3rd target in 2016!
I have invested $174k and expected to receive monthly dividend of about $905 :)

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Total dividend is $10k+
Dividend per month is $905

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Portfolio Analysis:
My worst performer is Noble Group (-55%) Grrr. I was trying to catch the bottom at 69c but it went down even further. Now, it is offering rights issue at 11c. Super big discount to its trading price :( Noble has gone through worst time during 2008 crisis but the lowest it went there was 42c I think. Let's hope Noble can pull through and recover *pray* haha

My best performer so far is UMS(36%). This one was bought during my early days and was collecting dividends and some capital gains :)

Overall, my portfolio still ends negative in mid 2016. Some credits for the diversification of stocks. My risks are spread out throughout my list of stocks. Cant imagine if I have a big share in Noble then my portfolio will look really bad. But things are turning around and I can see my portfolio recovering near to breakeven already. Just a few months more ...

At end of 2016, I already invested close to $174,000 and receive monthly dividend of $905. Based on the projection of my expected annual dividend of this current portfolio, I should be getting around $12000 which is about $1000 per month. So I should have met my 3rd year target. We will confirm this when we do a full review of 2017 at mid year. I will continue to follow my strategy of allocating $5000 each month to buy high dividend stocks and march towards my 3rd target which is ...

TargetTargetted Portfolio sizeTargetted Monthly dividendsPeriodYearly CONDividends Reinvested
1st target$85,000$495 2015$30,000$5,900
2nd target$120,000$700 2016$30,000$8,400
3rd target$161,000$920 2017$30,000$11,000
4th target$213,000$1200 2018$30,000$14,900
5th target$257,000$1500 2019$30,000$18,000
6th target$320,000$1800 2020$30,000$22,400
7th target$372,000$2100 2021$30,000$26,000
8th target$428,000$2490 2022$30,000$29,900
9th target$487,000$2800 2023$30,000$34,100
Final target$551,000$3200 2024$30,000$38,500

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Dividend Stock Tracker
I keep track of good SGX dividend stocks such as 10 years consistent SGX dividend stocks, REITs, Business Trusts, etc with real time information update. Checkout the link below:
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  1. Hi Jimmy,

    Congrats on meeting your 3rd target one year early. Your portfolio has very high yield or very productive!


    1. thanks bro
      made some mistakes on buying some small caps i shd have just stick to the big and mid caps ...

  2. Jimmy,

    What a great earn more and savings strategy!

    Even if we strip out capital gains and dividends, $5K a month will grow to $60K per year.

    And in 10 years you'll have $600K, and in 20 years $1.2 million :)

    Just need to avoid heavy capital losses like in 2008 or 1997 where its more than a 50% hair-cut...

    And keep your day job!

    It's the biggest source of growth for your portfolio - not capital gains nor dividends ;)

    It's nice to be a professional or be a corporate high flyer!


    1. yea my active income is now my biggest source but it will not stay like this forever, i am in my mid 40s and seems like my career has reached a plateau. its a cruel world. of cos i am not sitting and waiting for that day to happen :)