Monday, November 21, 2016

How I lose 3 kg in 1 week!

Last week, I went for my regular medical checkout and was asked to take my weight. I was quite shocked to see that I am 88kg. Well, I used to be hovering around 84kg to 85kg with my regular meal and once per week 3km jogging routine. Well, not so regular about the recent weight gain. I was guilty of having the delicious double roast pork rice 2 times per week. And that is the reason for my weight gain. By the way, I am not overly obese because I am standing at 1.84m so with 88kg I am just slightly over 26 BMI ;) but its still not in my best shape.

And so I decided to trim down to my 'normal' weight again which is around 85kg. After jogging weekly for about 2 years already, I found that jogging alone is very difficult to lose weight as I still eat like a pig. Meaning I eat whatever i want or desire from the juicy roast pork, OMG KFC fried chicken, yummy mutton bryani, etc. For the past 2 years I managed to keep my weight stable with just once per week jogging. But with my sudden shootup from 84kg to 88kg, just relying on my regular once per week jogging is not enough.

I have measured before, running for a siong siong 3km can only burn 300 kcal. This can be easily achieved by going for lower calories and more effective! Assuming each daily we burned 2000 kcal performing our usual daily routines, we just need a 1500 kcal or lesser to get the weight loss we wanted. But this doesnt mean that it is bye bye forever to our favourite food. We can still take it once a while :) eg if you are going for company dinner or buffet just wack and forget your diet for a while and play the catchup game later :)

Being a food lover, some drastic change in my diet is required!

So for last week, I switched to these low calories options. Not sure which one of them is the most effective so I will just list them out:
1. Kopi O Kosong (Black coffee with no sugar)
I call this an upgrade from my early kopi to my past years kopi o and now behold my bitter kopi o kosong. I always laughed at my friends that life is already bitter and we are adding more bitterness into our everyday life.

2. Soup Yong Tau Foo with no noodles for lunch
Going from dry to soup based can easily cut down by 100 kcal and not taking noodle or rice is down by another 200 kcal. This I can do during lunch time when I buy my food but it will be difficult during dinner as I usually eat at home and not nice if I refused to eat the food that was laid on the dinning table. Yes, I can take Soup Yong Tau Foo without noodles everyday for all the weekdays and not feel tired or sian of it!

3. Apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with water before dinner can help in weight loss. But some people may not like the strong smell and taste. I have no problem drinking vinegar because I love to put lots of it when eating my lor mee :)

4. 10 min walk from MRT station to Home
This added activity can reduce 50 kcal . At least it helps in burning some fats.

This is just a before and image image of my typical diet for last week. It seems to be working and very effective too as I can lose 3kg in 1 week! When I first started I thought it will take my 1 month to do it. So far so good, I will be continuing to follow this diet till I hit 75kg and below. This is my army days' weight, the fittest time in my life :)

1 slice of bread79 kcalNo change79 kcal

Kopi O (Coffee black with sugar)66 kcalKopi O Kosong5 kcal
Economy rice with 2 meat 1 veg / roast meat rice430 kcal to 636 kcalSoup Yong Tau Foo without noodle296 kcal

Home cooked 1 veg, 1 meat/fish, 1 soup300 kcalNo change0 kcal
Home cooked brown rice (small scoop)111 kcalHome cooked basamati rice150 kcal
NA0 kcalApple Cider Vinegar22 kcal

Just some motivations that will make me stick to my plan:
Health benefitsBeing slimmer, of course, have its health benefits, you can stay away from deadly health issues such as diabettes, high blood pressure, etc. I also have high cholestrol and this will help control it
Looking goodIts very easy to know that you gained weight, your clothes will be tighter. For me, I feel that when I sit down, I can feel the fats on my stomach pressing against my chest haha scary right?

Now, my face also look chiselled with less fat. Wow! cant wait to see myself when I am 75kg again :) Thats another 10kg to shed!


  1. Replies
    1. i thk it will be a long term slimming programme. any good tips to share? i keen to learn

    2. Double what you are doing now and then two years later triple it and stay in maintenance mode.

    3. double up? eat veg? i still want to enjoy life leh.. too extreme for me. sounds like investing tips hehe

  2. 3km is not siong. Double up and sweat double

    1. this i agree, 3km can be double up to 6km and burn 600 kcal yea! my target