Friday, April 29, 2016

Apr 2016 Portfolio

Market has come down a bit as expected it has rallied for the past 3 months. Next month will be a bountiful month for dividend investors as most of the Singapore companies will be paying dividends in May. I will be getting some too :)

There was a saying you should sell in May and go away because most of the companies going XDs will suffer from a temporary fall in share price. But I will be holding them for good :)

STI vs my portfolio

My portfolio is still hovering in the negative region :( but good news is that I beat STI at least a consolation prize :)

PeriodSTIMy Portfolio (Realised)Verdict
Jan 2016-20.78%-15.15% I win
Feb 2016-18.98%-12.11% I win
Mar 2016-13%-8.28% I win
Apr 2016-13.55%-6.50% I win

Total 22 stocks in portfolio

This month I received dividends from M1, Global Investment

Checkout my Dividend history

Dividend Stock Tracker
I keep track of good SGX dividend stocks such as 10 years consistent SGX dividend stocks, REITs, Business Trusts, etc with real time information update. Checkout the link below:
Checkout my Dividend Tracker

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