Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Breakeven: Short CADJPY

On 29/02/16 morning, I took a short trade on CADJPY after seeing a potential pin bar developing. I got in a good entry, at the lowest point of the pin bar. But if I see the chart now, I wouldnt want to short it. I would want to buy it. When I preparing to write this post. I started drawing the trend line and see that it has reversed its trend. In the daily chart overall its a down trend but the trend line shows that it has broken out of its trend line and has become a uptrend. Lucky this time it break even :) because I got a good entry and sitting on +100 pips before it suddenly reversed and breakeven :(

Next time I better draw my trend line before acting!

Trading Plan:
1. Trade with the trend
2. Trade when there is a price action reversal with the trend continuation
3. Place SL on previous high/low candle or 150 pips max (Limit my loss)
4. No TP. Let market decide when to exit (Let my profit run)

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