Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dec 2014 Portfolio

Dec is always not a good month for stock. The big boys are closing their books and going for long Christmas and New Year holidays. They will be selling the market. This month we saw oil prices dipping by alot from US$100+ to US$60+ and some analysts were saying it will affect the stock market or some companies. This I find it strange because few years back oil was trading at US$60+ which is the norm and when it shot up to US$100+ everyone was saying its bad for the economy as profi margin were sliced and back then I remembered we have the oil crisis. But now that oil is getting cheaper, isn't it better for everyone? Oh no its not for everyone, good for SIA but not for Keppel Corp and Semb Corp as they are oil and gas related industries. The price is dropping on them. Will I be buying on them? Well, yes I would provided it fall within my targetted dividend yield. At current price, I still find them expensive and looks like oil prices will continue to go lower next year too or looks like I already missed the boat :(

Another big see-saw this month, with market getting jerky with the falling oil prices with Dow falling and STI falling as much as -80. Then when Fed say they are not going to raise the interest rate so soon, Dow recovered by +400. Market is so unpredictable and the whip-saw is definitely going to wipe out the short term holders.

This month I added Lippo Mall Tr, Second Chance into my portfolio.
Lippo Mall Tr has high dividend yield, not too low PE 11, below NAV and also a rather high debt, quite typical of a REIT :(
I would say I jumped into this is because of their announcement of placement issue @ $0.34 to aquire Lippo Mall Kemang which is a good thing. This suddenly present as a opportunity for me to become a proud shareholder of Lippo Mall Tr :)

Second Chance has high dividend yield but has a high PE 20 (wow), so far my highest PE stock. It has its own special retail niche in Geylang selling gold jewelry and rental property, quite divesified in Singapore and Malaysia. Have been monitoring this stock for quite some time as it is quite stable hovering around $0.445 and $0.45. Let's just take the first step and own some stocks first, we will see how ...

STI vs my portfolio
This month, STI still win because of the Santa Claus Rally. My portfolio also doing not bad by turning positive. Well, have to work harder and in time I am sure I can beat the STI with the collection of dividend and some capital appreciation.
PeriodSTIMy portfolioVerdict
Oct 2014-0.3%-1.32%STI wins
Nov 20142.11%1.95%STI wins
Dec 20142.41%0.27%STI wins

Total 7 stocks in portfolio

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