Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Maiden Stock - Global Investment Limited

I think currently STI is running high. Dont want to get caught in a correction, so have to find some value stock with good dividend. But have to diversify my portfolio and not put my everything into this single stock. At the current STI, you will never get good value blue chips as they are already ramped up. To get blue chips at cheaper price, I would have to wait for a correction. This is not the usual stock people will buy. I have been monitoring it for a while. It is often hovering around $0.14 so it should have limited downside. Its managed by STAM :) subsidary of Temasek Holding. Should be quite stable. Have to do something to kickstart my portfolio. So let's try this.

100 lots bought at $0.142


  1. Hi Jimmy, interesting that you bought into Global Investment Ltd. May I know the investment thesis behind your purchase? Good to exchange views. I am a shareholder.

    1. Hi Henry
      that makes 2 of us shareholder haha
      at this stage, i am diversifying. buying diff stocks
      i was attracted by global inv mainly because of its consistently high dividend, low PE, below NAV, 0 debt. i wish to buy more but i need to diversify so i moved on to buy other stocks