Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mar 2015 Portfolio

This month, we are at the top of the charts, NASDAQ and Dow is making new highs almost everyday and Japan Nikki also making new 15 years high as they are out of recession. The market slide abit also because of worries that Fed will raise interest rate too much or too soon. And so Fed said they are not going to raise rate in 2015 as US economy was rather weak. So market reacted positively to this piece of news. This month we also lost our first PM Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I was expecting SG market to react abit to this not so sudden bad news, because PMO kept sending updates on LKY's health, everyone kinda prepared for the bad news.

Up and down, up and down as usual.

This month I added Hotung into my portfolio.
Hotung has been in my watchlist for a long time. It is a long time, diversified investment company with more than 100+ companies in its portfolio paying high dividend of 8.6% with PE 13, below NAV of PB 0.51 only and no debt :) There is a ongoing buy-back annual exercise.

Also added defensive blue chip ST Engineering into my portfolio. Doesn't have impressive PE, PBR but is consistently giving out dividends with very low debt. Cheers, I got another blue chip :)
STI vs my portfolio

This month, I lost to STI mainly due to XD of my Global Inv which is currently my largest holding. I will see a bump up next month when they give me my dividend scrips. Second Chance sees 36% fall in 2H net profit to $4.2 million and dragged down my portfolio abit. Overall STI is flaring much better than last month. Maybe better luck next month :)

PeriodSTIMy Portfolio (Realised)Verdict
Jan 20152.71%3.21% I win
Feb 20152.41%2.16% I lose
Mar 20153.31%0.62% I lose
Total 13 stocks in portfolio

This month I pocketed a little dividend from Lippo Mall Tr and Asian Pay TV Tr
Checkout my Dividend history


  1. Hi Jimmy,

    You are building up your portfolio fast. Welcome to STE club, I've been holding this shares many years. Hotung is also on my watch list, but haven't got to buy it till now.

    I am not too sure if Fed is going to hike interest rate this year. Some analysts still think that is likely to be in June. Surely hope not.


    1. Hi Sanye
      fast... may not be a good thing haha
      i am also cautious because we keep breaking new record highs... scared scared leh
      STE is a defensive dividend stock, just glad to own abit of it

      i wanted to buy Saizen Reits but afraid that the rate hike will affect the reits because they are sensitive to rate change. hope everything turn out fine

  2. Hi Jimmy,
    I am holding Global Inv long - very good dividends, but the share price has downed quite a bit recently. I have no clue why - care to share?

    I also like Hotung a lot, waiting for further price weakness to come in.

  3. Hi Ivan
    Global Inv is managed by STAM (sub of Temasek Holdings) hope it will give us some confidence boost haha
    the recent price drop was due to XD in Mar, normally when a stock XD, price will drop. we should be getting our cash or scrip (depends on your selection) this month :)

  4. Hi Jimmy,

    Does your % change include dividends?

    1. I am monitoring both with or without dividend.if you see my 'sti vs my portfolio ' chart,the realised line chart is with dividend.the unrealised line chart is without dividend