Monday, March 23, 2015

Singapore's Greatest Loss! : Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Today, all of the government buildings and schools have their Singapore flag lowered at half mast as we, Singaporeans, mourn for our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

I still remember when I was a school boy in the 80s, my impression of you was that you were a tough, no nonsense PM who will bulldozed anyone who was in your way. Some of the tough action from you was the sacking of the Singapore PR SIA pilot who lead the strike in SIA. You just sack that fellow off and banished him back to where he came from, Malaysia.

Your vision of Singapore all came true!
“this was a mud-flat, swamp. Today, this is a modern city. Ten years from now, this will be a metropolis. Never fear.”

The Marina Barrage is also the result of your vision nearly two decades ago when you envisaged damming the mouth of the Marina Channel to create a freshwater reservoir.

Without you, there will be no Singapore.

Thanks for preparing us to face the tough world, we will survive and prosper!

Thank you

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