Thursday, March 5, 2015

Health Is Wealth 健康就是财富

Today is the last day(元宵节) of Chinese New Year (CNY), I hoped you have an enjoyable CNY with your family and friends. I certainly did. So would like to write abit about this CNY.

During CNY, Year of the Goat, was tossing yu sheng 'lo hei yu sheng' with my relative and friends. This dish is very popular during CNY. It is a very simple dish which made up of shredded raw fish and vegetable. We usually stand around it with our chopstick to toss the auspicious dish and at the same time shout out our CNY greetings and wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

These are the common greetings:
恭喜发财 “Gong Xi Fa Cai” meaning “Congratulations for your wealth”
万事如意 “Wan shi ru yi” meaning “May all your wishes be fulfilled”.
年年有馀 "Nian nian you yu" symbolising abundance or excess through the year, is added.

Then someone shouted
健康就是财富 "jian kang jiu shi cai fu" meaning Health Is Wealth

This phrase suddenly brightened me up. Indeed its true, no health no wealth. If we do not have good health, we chalk up high medical expenses, cannot work or invest to bring in more wealth.

Without health, we also cannot enjoy our fruits of labour when we grow old or retire.

Without health, you cannot live through the years to reinvest for the magic of compounding interest rate to work.

Last year when I started my financial freedom journey I also started my fitness journey at almost the same time. I am now running once per week usually during weekends. I know its not alot but its good start and hopefully I can exercise more and run longer distance in the future :)

Some of us use 'expense manager' apps to keep track of our expenses so much so that we can study our expenses and decide which one to cut or reduce. I also used a diet apps to keep track of the calories of the food I eat so that I do not exceed my daily intake of 1500 limit. Now I am going to miss my favourite mutton bryani very much as it can easily hit my daily limit with just 1 meal of it. Eating now is never the same as before :(

I know some of you may have started taking charge of your wealth but have you started taking charge of your health?

I hope I can influence some of you to start your exercise or diet regime too, if you have not done so.


  1. Hi jimmy,

    Try eating no carbs or reducing your carbs to a quarter of your portion. You can see a lot more results than running. Good luck on your diet journey!

    1. yup
      no carbs food taste awful hehe
      i have a apps to keep track of my calories intake haha

    2. Hi Jimmy,

      Calories comes in different forms, so counting them works but the quality of the calories matters a lot too. Eating 2000 Cal of chicken meat is very different from drink 2000 Cal of soft drinks. If you really really want to see weight loss, just drop the carbs, seriously.

    3. yea boss
      lunch time i already avoid rice usually eat bee hoon or noodle
      dinner i switched to brown rice :)

  2. I used to circulate an informal newsletter to my colleagues containing health tips and advice. It was called - "Health is Wealth". Lol!

    1. maybe you should circulate it among us bloggers too :)

  3. Jimmy, totally agreed with you, health comes before wealth..Keep it up!

    1. yea dead people have no economic value, thats why our govt wants us to be healthy and work longer!

  4. I used to say "Good Health, Great Wealth". Maybe should change to "Great Heath, Good Wealth".

    1. health has higher priority over wealth
      no health no wealth

  5. We often say, health is wealth but often what comes easily is taken for granted. Like the air we breathe and the water we drink each day. And chinese has a cultural saying, if you are prosperous , you must have that look (big stomach, fatty cheeks), I have no ideas why but that is a passed down saying from the old folks....................

    1. (big stomach, fatty cheeks) in ancient times means prosperous because back then the peasants are poor so not much money to eat till full or malnutrition. only those rich businessman or official eat rich food and so are usually fat and have the 'prosperous' look. hope this explains

      however in modern days, these fatty look may not be in 'fashion' as it is unhealthy. as we know fat or obese will lead to many other health problems :)

  6. Good post since i am working on my fitness goal :)

    Perhaps being in the insurance industry previously had exposed me to different sickness that most may not have. Going to the hospitals is also part of the routine for me as well.

    It hit on me years later that I too have given in to the pressure and stress of life and deteriorate on my well-being, thinking there is always time to play catch up.

    Of course, I was wrong as common cold, skin irritation, etc takes away precious sleep i need and thus affect my productivity.

    I am now slowing working on my body to gain strength back and be more mindful of what i eat daily.

    To your health, cheers

    1. life here is tough and stressful
      we have to maintain our health especially as we get older

      let us all work towards a healthy lifestyle!

  7. Hi Jimmy,

    Totally agree with you. Health is, to a certain extend more important than health. As a Chinese saying goes: 年轻不养生,老来养医生。We do not want to trade wealth with health.

    When I was younger, I used to eat whatever I love, but now I eat food that my body tells me to eat. I don't really calculate the calories intake though.

    By the way, running once a week is not sufficient. Try to do it at least twice a week, even is at a shorter distance. 20 min. running twice a week is better than a single 40 min. run a week.

    1. Hi Sanye
      thanks for dropping by
      i too started to watch my diet, last time i just eat whatever i liked. now i more sensitive, watch the calories and control my appetite hehe

      yea i agree once per week is not enough, thats why i say its a good start but i work on weekdays. after work is 7pm+ 8pm+ too late le

      i will try to run more times :)

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