Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Road Accident

Last Friday was supposed to meetup a colleague for a farewell lunch of another who is leaving Singapore.

Then on that day morning, I noticed the colleague's close friend was crying so went up and asked for the reason. Then was shocked and sadden by the news that my colleague met a road incident involving a taxi and she was the victim as a pedestrian. Then we slowly got news that her skull was fractured and in ICU ward. Kinda serious.

That Friday night, me along with some others went to the hospital to visit her. The sight was bad, lots of supporting devices and air tubes connecting to her nose and mouth. Some said she was tied down to the bed to prevent her from any violent movement or probably to calm her down. It was sad to see something like that. She had to be sedated for 2 days so that her brain's activity would be lower, stabilized and to ease the pressure from her head. That's what I heard.

No one knows how she end up like that except that it was a road accident involving with a taxi. It wasn't a hit and run case as the taxi driver had given his statement to the police. We just have to wait for our friend to wake up in order to hear her other side of the story.

Over the weekend, we worried over her condition and her close friend constantly update us about the progress of her condition. Colleagues told terrible stories that some poor people will lose memories or be a vegetable. Just hope that everything will turn out well.

Finally on Mon, good news! She started responding when people talk to her but she still cant talk. Then on Tues, finally we received news that all was well so she is off the life supporting devices and can be moved to normal ward. What a relief!

Heard that she was crossing the road of a 2 way traffic and was standing at the road divider. Apparently, the taxi had an accident with another car and was trying to avoid hitting the car and turn the wheel towards the road divider and our friend was unlucky to be standing right there.

This incident come as a grim reminder of how fragile our life is and it can happen to anyone. Always spend time with your family and loved ones. And I know that we all save a little bit harder all to have more investment fund to build up our retirement nest. But don't forget what life is all about and set your priority right. We invest to live not live to invest :)

Next time your loved ones asked for something which is not too much or too difficult, just give in and give it to him/her. The smile on their face will be priceless :)


  1. Good reminder that our life may be unexpected shorter so don't just keep counting money. We should learn to spend a little more on ourselves and our beloved ones; otherwise we may have left too much money behind for others to anyhow spend. :-)

    1. Yea boss
      Go lobster town and eat all you can

  2. Jimmy,

    Wear that nice shirt; don't wait for a special occasion.

    Tell that person how you feel right here right now; tomorrow maybe too late.

    Go ahead. Take that vacation you always dream about ;)

  3. I'm so glad that your friend survived the accident. We need to be extra careful wherever we go because we'll never know when accidents like this will occur. I hope that she's recovering well from the injury and the trauma this caused her. I hope this will never happen again. Take care!

    Jerry Brady @ Lambert And Williams