Saturday, July 8, 2017

Jun 2017 Trading

On track for yet another positive month as we see Jun as a rather volatile month with almost an opportunity to trade everyday. This has helped to rack in more profits for me. But there was time when the trades went into some high DD before it finally recovers. This is overall a great month for me :)

However, one should not get too cocky when in the winning streak as Mr Market will come around and humble you with his reminders. Made a few bad trades in the opening months of Jul, that should lead me into the negative zone in Jul 2017. Let's see if I can reverse it and make it positive ya?

Period$ Profit/Loss% profit/lossCapitalVerdict
Jan 2017$1,355.389.04%$15,000
Feb 2017-$63.27-0.0042%$15,000
Mar 2017$1,106.277.78%$15,000
Apr 2017$2,021.5510.11%$20,000
May 2017$2,420.838.07%$30,000
Jun 2017$5,562.4818.6%$30,000

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