Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dec 2016 Trading

Made a big mistake at the beginning of Dec and it has already confirmed that I would end the month will a negative return. As you can see from the ugly steep dip in my trading equity. Indeed it was because the loss was quite huge. However, did managed to gain back some and narrow down the loss but nevertheless still end up as a negative month.
Period$ Profit/Loss% profit/lossCapitalVerdict
Oct 2016$956.769.56%$10,000
Nov 2016$846.405.62%$15,000
Dec 2016-$468.21-3.12%$15,000


  1. Jimmy,

    You complained I not cheerleading enough...

    Since I'm now still on holiday mood, I come give you encouragement :)

    See the loss of Dec is half of Nov and Oct?

    If you can maintain such a ratio, it will work out alright if we average out over the year.

    But if you let losses be greater than your winnings, then I think you know what to do with yourself.

    Ownself poke ownself!

    Oh! Happy New Year to you!

    1. thanks bro for the encouragement
      for the past few months my results were encouraging. Dec was a bad month and i actually did recover back more than half of it. so considered quite gd alrdy