Friday, January 6, 2017

2016 Trading Review

I started trading in Jan 2016 and like I said before, this should be my 3rd attempt. Every time when I have a new try, I would always regard as money being thrown away. There's no difference for this time too.

As you can see from the chart above, my trading got a good start when I got a few wins, beginner luck maybe. However, all that it became like an exciting roller coaster ride in USS. My P&L started soaring up and crashing down, as you can see the consistency is not there. Its too exciting for me. The worst scenario came in Jul 2017 when I got a losing streak and lost quite alot. This caused a big dent in my trading capital. I still remember myself being very nervous when I put on a new trade and expecting it to turn into a loss. There was no confidence in me at all. Then, I managed to gain some ground and almost recover everything and it stay there for a while before dipping down again.

It was only in Oct 2016 onwards which I finally build up the trading confidence in me as I made 2 consecutive profitable months. But Mr Market always want to remind us again when we were cocky. He managed to plough back some of my profits back and its a big chunk too. I have learn from this mistake and it will not happen again.

The full year result for 2016 is a good return of 9.5% :)
Not bad right for a 1st year noobie? :)

Moving forward I am sure I can get a better result in 2017. Stay in touch!

Period$ Profit/Loss% profit/lossCapitalVerdict
Oct 2016$956.769.56%$10,000
Nov 2016$846.405.62%$15,000
Dec 2016-$468.21-3.12%$15,000

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