Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Certainty of death, Small Chance of Success, What are we waiting for?

I especially like LOTR and there was this part where the gang are going to setup a rather odd fellowship of ring comprising of a human, a elf, a dwarf and 2 hobbits. It was when Gimli the dwarf said this 'Certainty of death, Small Chance of Success, What are we waiting for?'. Kinda of funny though, I would think. Also kinda sink in deeply into me as after a few years after the movie was shown, I still remember this dialogue :)

Well, I think its pretty practical in our real life too. Just like in the movie, we only live once and during our lifetime is there something you are dying to do and it is within your means ie your health, time permits and expense that you can do it?

Then do not take too long to fulfil your dreams or wishes. Remember we only live once. Do not waste your youth away, and by the way, it will not come back.

As for me, I am quite a simple person, I have no craving for branded goods or do not blindly chase after fabs or fashion or the 'in' thing. I am ok to own a XiaoMi handphone and I must say it is performing very well. At least it doesnt cost a bomb and doesnt explode in your pocket :) I also stay in a HDB flat, got a family car to travel to different places to eat. Every year get to travel around the world for a holiday. Opps not forgetting that I have a stable job and doing ok in my career. But nothing fantastic baby came out of it :) But still got to be thankful for that.

Come to think of it, I have actually done most of the things that I wanted in life.

Since young, I am very interested in investing and growing my wealth. I have since setup a retirement portfolio step by step. Hopefully I can live long enough to enjoy the fruits of my labour. If not, my spouse and children would be very happy when I am not around :)

The latest 'want' or what I hope to achieve is for myself to be a sexy trader, owing a flashy sportcar and stay in big terrace haha Kidding.. but such dreams do keep me going in my trading journey. I keep imagining or having that illusion that someday I will be like those superstar trader on the youtube.

Yes, I am still at it after failing a few times but I have not given up yet. I am still progressing and the equity curve does look better nowadays, I feel that I have seen through the 'trick' and I hope I can maintain it and be a consistently profitable trader every month. I am in the realising stage and hope to grow along the way.

I will give a separate update on my trading journey and I do have some things or experience to say about it.

So its the same for everybody, a certainty of death so what are you going to do when you are still alive and breathing? What are you waiting for? Remember we only live once ;)


  1. Jimmy,

    Question: If people as whether are you an investor or trader, what would reply?

    1. Interesting question. Let see how is the answer. :-)

    2. both lor investor cum trader :)
      why must be black or white? cannot be grey meh? hehe

    3. Do you still sit on some paper losses on your investing?

      When you should cut losses and move on? 20% 30%, etc on investing and trading stocks?

      Or you have different pain threshold for investing and trading?

      or you just trade index or future e.g.?

    4. for investing, its sg stocks with no stop loss and collect dividends
      for trading, for now, i trade forex and indices with stop loss