Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why a Trader Should Invest Too

I was at a traders' fackbook group when someone asked which stocks should he buy for investment. Immediately there were a few replies and most actually said that they will ramp up their trading capital and trade bigger lots. Why need to invest in stocks they say when they can earn bigger bucks by increasing their trading capital and trade bigger. Agree?

Hmm this I do not quite agree. In fact, I think that all traders should invest in stocks, property or other business assets. Even for those good traders who can profit consistently needs to invest too.

Why? Very simple because trading is an active income too just like a job. If your hand or brain stop, your trading income will stop too.

This is the same question I popped up to my boss too when I asked him if he has done any investing. Well he said that he doesnt have any time for that and doesnt need to invest :P He is risk conservative. He cannot stand losing money or paper loss.

Our job is active income. Meaning if our hands stop, our income stop too but our mouth cannot stop :D Just need to do some passive income eg investing in stocks or property or any other business assets which will continue to generate income even when we are not working anymore eg retrenched, retired or unfit for work, etc

Hope you get my point :)


  1. Investing = passive income?

    Let see any interesting comments coming.

  2. Investing = passive income?

    Let see any interesting comments coming.

  3. Jimmy,

    Your views are based on your opinion - which you are entitled to.

    It would have been better if its based it on your track record ;)

    There's a difference between writing this is what I do, what I have done, my way, my style, my chosen poison, etc; and what others "should do" ;)

    I see CW has already poked you on your bastardisation of the word "investing".

    If I invested in Berkshire Hathaway 20 years ago, am I still considered an investor even though I've not received a single cent of dividend?

    But my capital gains solid right?

    What's wrong with active income? Last I know, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet are all pretty much earned income.

    OK, to be precise, its being business owners. So how? Should we write EVERYONE should be business owners?



    1. oh my old habit again, i should be writing like what 'i should do' not what others should do. sorry abt that

      there's nothing wrong with active income its just that i will stop one day when i just the sack or retired or disabled and unable to work. passive income shd keep some of my monies coming in

      business owners doesnt mean i need to setup business by myself. i can buy stocks and be shareholder so in a way is a business owner

  4. In case you haven't seen this joke:

    A value investor, a trader and a gambler goes into a bar. After a drink or two, they started arguing over which of them is speculating in the market.

    The value investor says that the other two are not basing their investments on fundamental reasons and treating the buying of their part business ownership like digits, hence the two are speculative.

    The traders says that the other two did not consult the technical aspect and the price action of the charts before putting in their money, hence the two are speculative.

    The gambler says the other two did not seek insider's news or throng the forums for the hottest rumors, hence they could not possibly know what the BBs are doing without a ear on the ground, hence the two are speculative.

    As you can imagine, they couldn't come to a consensus, so they suggested asking the worldly bartender for his opinion on this subject matter.

    The bartender says that since all of them would rather spend their time talking about philosophical difference instead of making money like him working on a second job at night, so all of them have no business talking about money, and therefore also investment, and hence all of them are speculative.