Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jul 2016 Portfolio

Jul is a quiet month in terms of dividend payouts. Nevertheless, I was anxious to add more Keppel Corps into my portfolio and after seeing it fly off a few times, I was so afraid that I would miss the boat of getting it at $5+. Finally managed to add a bit more of it. I was so scared of feeling regret of not getting more of it. This blue chip would be nice to accumulate and let me reap its benefits in the longer term.

STI vs my portfolio

My portfolio is still hovering in the negative region :( but good news is that I beat STI at least a consolation prize :)

PeriodSTIMy Portfolio (Realised)Verdict
Jan 2016-20.78%-15.15% I win
Feb 2016-18.98%-12.11% I win
Mar 2016-13%-8.28% I win
Apr 2016-13.55%-6.50% I win
May 2016-14.46%-6.27% I win
Jun 2016-12.95%-5.18% I win
Aug 2016-13.25%-4.07% I win

Total 22 stocks in portfolio

This month I received dividends from UMS only.

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  1. Among those investment bloggers that I have been reading; you are the brave one to buy into Kep Corp. Steady!

    1. bro, i read your post on whether to buy keppel corp or not? i still dont know the answer after i read your post haha

    2. You didn't attend sharing session. How to answer?

      But; your answer is already Yes!

      We will go through the long and harsh Winter of O&G but having warm from early Sunrise. LOL!

    3. keppel corp will weather thru :)

  2. Buying Keppel Corp shud just think that you are only buying into their Property , DC and other infrastructure business , just need to forget about their O&G biz for time being..cheers ! Also need to be patient as oil price may stay long than what we thought ..

    1. its a industrial conglomerate :)

    2. If is just for their Property , DC and other infrastructure business, why Keppel ? Why don't we go for CDL and Reits. What are the strengths you are seeing ?

  3. Yah ! U are right ,,,it just that one may not expect much of the profitability of O&G sectors for time being, other sectors like property ,DC, infrastructure will be the main contributors at this moment ! Cheers 😃😃