Monday, August 15, 2016

Singapore's First Olympic Champion

My daughter and I was watching the news about Singapore sending a small team to compete in the Olympic Games. My daughter mentioned why send our Singapore team there when there's really no chance of winning. I replied in a diplomatic way that well, we still need to try and gain experience from it. Maybe one day, Singapore might win a gold medal back.

Then, when I knew Joseph Schooling got 1st in the 100m men's butterfly semi-finals and beat Micheal Phelps who came in 2nd. I said OMG, this could be it. There's a chance Singapore might get a gold medal in this Olympic Games! Dont have to wait for any more 4 years.

That Saturday morning, I woke up early and witnessed the history! First time we got a gold medal and first time that our National Anthem was played live in the Olympic Games! Hooray! Congrats Joseph Schooling!

During the recent SEA games hosted by Singapore I wrote a post about Gold Silver Bronze medalist who is the happiest?. Well, this time, there is only 1 happiest person in the world and 3 unhappy silver medalists :)

Then I happened to watch a short video about Joseph Schooling on how he got a scholarship in University of Texas training as a swimmer and having to attend classes and swim hard in the day time and then to study and revise his studies till late night. It certainly wasnt an easy path to be a Olympic Champion.

It certainty will not be a easy path to achieve our golden financial freedom but through hard work and perseverance I can do it too :) I can be the happiest person in the world too :)


  1. Run! Run Jimmy run!

    You can do it!

    Hello, you can take your finger out of your mouth now...

    External cheerleading can only do so much.

    It's the internal combustion engine inside of you that will sustain you during the darkest nights of winter ;)

    Good answer to you daughter.

    Some people never got off the starting block as they want the gold medal first before they will move a muscle...

    1. just read today that Joseph said he made more mistakes then everyone else. How true, many people would be discouraged and easily raised the white flag. it shd be his pure grit, perseverance and the believe in him that push him thru :)