Friday, January 8, 2016

2015 Year End Portfolio Review

Its the end of 2015, let's see how close am I to my target :) I started building my portfolio in Oct 2014. This is a full year of 2015 results.

STI vs my portfolio:
My portfolio got hit by China stock market crash, oil crisis and Fed rate hike effect around Jul 2015 and STI has been a downtrend for the rest of the year. It was a tough year where we see the beginning of the bear market. At the end of 2015, there was still no recovery in sight although there was a relief rally during Oct 2015 but things havent changed much as we were still in the bear market.

Portfolio by stocks:
I am currently still in the process of diversifying my portfolio such that they should not exceed more than 5% of my total portfolio. I am still looking out for more high dividend stocks to buy so that I will be more diversified. I have 21 stocks with me now and will be targeting to reach more than 30 of them.

Portfolio by sector:
In the sector diversification, I am quite max up with the Capital Markets sector. I also bought in quite a number of shares in the Industrial conglomerates which consists of Keppel Corp and Sembcorp Ind, it is now about 17%. Still got room to load up a bit more during this sector weakness :) Probably not more than 20% for each sector of the other stocks.

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TargetTargetted Portfolio sizeTargetted Monthly dividendsPeriodYearly CONDividends Reinvested
1st target$85,000$495 2015$30,000$5,900
My 1st target is to invest up to $85,000 and receive monthly dividend up to $495 per month. I think I already met my 1st target!
I have invested $123k and expected to receive monthly dividend of about $570 :)

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Total dividend is $6,800+
Dividend per month is $570

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Portfolio Analysis:
My worst performer is Noble(-40%) Grrr. Not sure if I am unlucky or what. Bought it when I thought it was low enough and there were many institutions buying it at that time :(

My best performer so far is Ascendas Reit (6%). This was bought quite recently when it was heavily sold down, but glad that there was a recovery after that.

Overall, my portfolio ends negative in 2015. No thanks to all the many reasons for causing the stock market to go downhill.

At end of 2015, I already invested close to $123,000 and receive monthly dividend of $570. This is very close to my projection of my expected annual dividend of this current portfolio, I should be getting around $7000 which is about $580 per month. So I should have met my 1st year target! Yea! I will continue to follow my strategy of allocating $5000 each month to buy high dividend stocks and march towards my 2nd target which is ...

TargetTargetted Portfolio sizeTargetted Monthly dividendsPeriodYearly CONDividends Reinvested
1st target$85,000$495 2015$30,000$5,900
2nd target$120,000$700 2016$30,000$8,400
3rd target$161,000$920 2017$30,000$11,000
4th target$213,000$1200 2018$30,000$14,900
5th target$257,000$1500 2019$30,000$18,000
6th target$320,000$1800 2020$30,000$22,400
7th target$372,000$2100 2021$30,000$26,000
8th target$428,000$2490 2022$30,000$29,900
9th target$487,000$2800 2023$30,000$34,100
Final target$551,000$3200 2024$30,000$38,500
My 2nd target is to invest upto $120,000 and collect a monthly dividend of $700. Hmm, I have already invested $123,000 in 2015, so I have already met my 2nd target. Which means that I am will ahead of my plan! Hooray! The reason why collected lesser dividend is because some of the stocks bought in 2015 I didnt received the full dividend. 2016 I should see higher dividend around $700. This doesnt mean I will stop investing, I will still try to space out my investment and continue to be well ahead of my targetted plan. Hopefully I can reach my financial independence earlier :)

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Dividend Stock Tracker
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  1. Hi Jimmy, there are few stocks I will not put in my portfolio unless I know their business and financial very well. ie. Sabana,APTT, SBI and Lippo.