Saturday, May 2, 2015

Apr 2015 Portfolio

Market kinda strange and manipulated, me thinks. The US job report came in worst since 2013 before Good Friday and US futures fall sharply. However, on Monday, STI reacted positively to the news because Fed will not be raising interest rate so fast because of poor job data. Huh? Well, nevermind, we still go by our business and its good for us. This is also a reminder that we may still be in the bull market because if it was the bear market, the slightest bad news will cause the market to fall by a big margin. That's the difference.

Finally had a feel of a bull run after all these months of bear. There's a small caps play going on and the O&G stocks are recovering. Nice :)

This month I added CSE Global into my portfolio.
It was established in 1985, was once part of the engineering projects division of Chartered Electronics Industries, the electronics arm of Singapore Technologies Engineering. Its quite a good value buy now with consistent high dividend. It used to be trading around $0.70+ range and much higher but have fallen to $0.50+ range. PE is 8 and it has a low debt.

Also added another blue chip Keppel Corp :)
I have been watching this counter for a long time. Its low PE 8 and good dividend of 5% makes it a good buy. I didnt buy when it was $8+ because it was a downtrend (didnt want to catch the falling knife) but looks like its come up and just ripe for picking.

Also added more Sembcorp Ind :)
STI vs my portfolio

This month, there was a bull run and my portfolio went up by a bit. However, there's lots of companies XD this month such as Sembcorp Ind, ST Eng, etc so my portfolio went down by abit. Overall, still lose out to STI which ran up pretty good. Maybe better luck next month :)

PeriodSTIMy Portfolio (Realised)Verdict
Jan 20152.71%3.21% I win
Feb 20152.41%2.16% I lose
Mar 20153.31%0.62% I lose
Apr 20156.02%4.18% I lose
Total 14 stocks in portfolio

This month I got my biggest dividend scrip from Global Inv
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Dividend Stock Tracker
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